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Headshot Preparation Guide

Advice on getting a great shot -

*That old tagline, "classic styles in solid colors work best." really is true.

*In a headshot-crop, everybody looks better with sleeves.

*Don't worry about your clothes matching a background. You won't disappear. No, really. People are smart. They'll see you. Matching the general color scheme of your background will bring the attention away from your body and up onto your face. That's almost always a good thing in a headshot.

*Forget everything you learned in school about having your picture taken, especially what to do with your face. it's grown up since then and it's gotten a lot smarter about how to portray a real emotion without instructions. You'll look best if you're not faking it for the camera. that last bit's harder than it sounds like, but I've got your back.

*Prophecies are self-fulfilling. Come in expecting to look great, and don't worry about knowing what to do. We'll play the best game of simon-says-for-grownups of your career in the sport, and you'll come out looking awesome.

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