Miniature Humans


Well now you've gone and done it.  You've manufactured your own batch of tiny humans.  Now they're eating, talking, thinking, playing, probably even planning to get jobs or conquer the world before too many decades pass.

The thing is, right now, while they're small, you have a chance not just to mold them into awesome little people, but to capture who they were along the way.  This phase is fleeting, and if my own life is any indication, goes by FAST.

Time can't be stopped, but shavings of it can be captured and sheared off, so that a record can be made of where we've been. Of who we've been.  Of all the pet frogs and lost teeth, the time you dressed up as Darth Vader and it freaked your sister out.  We can make touchstones to keep those moments from your child's life perpetually alive, as if they're happening right now.

Today we're building tomorrow's nostalgia, but it's more than that.  We're helping kids get comfortable with themselves. Seeing you invest in them and brag about their pictures isn't something they forget as they grow up.  It means the world.

---They Move Quick---

Capture The Little Moments

  • The Newbie

    weekday 275-
    weekend 350-

    So you're just recently born and you have no idea what life's about just yet, but you know that people love you, and you really like to nap.  Do I have the Photoshoot for YOU!

    The Newbie is our newborn photoshoot line, and it's everything you hope for and expect out of those first few weeks of life.  The tiny toes, the blissed-out naps, all swaddled-up and cradled-out on something warm and soft, along with photos of you bonding with the folks who brought you home when you were born.   They love you lots.  They want to document this time.  Be a good sport.  Your job is super-simple.  You just be yourself, and we'll attend to everything while you devote yourself to the serious business of being a recent arrival to the material world.

    The Newbie can be ordered separately, or with a Year 1 Album free as a part of our "Baby's First Everything" subscription.

  • The Danger Potato

    weekday 275-
    weekend 350-

    Ok, six months have passed.  You're figuring things out.  The stuff you've learned to do, especially with your face, is nothing short of magic.  You've got all this awesome hair now, and you like to look around.  People are dressing you all cool - It's going great.  Don't mind your parents.  They're a little bit stressed out from the late nights, and photoshoots like this one are a nice break from the work of keeping you alive and safe.  Today, they get to just relax and reconnect with how adorable you are.

    This photoshoot is all about expressions and the wild goofy faces you can make.  You've been around a little while, so your repertoire is large, and when we schedule around naps and meals, you could just be a star.  Six months is a great age to get into the studio for a follow-up, now that you've got all these new skills, your personality can be on full display, and you can show off all your fancyschmancy clothes.

    The Danger Potato can be ordered separately, or with a Year 1 Album free as a part of our "Baby's First Everything" subscription.

  • Baby Versus Cake

    weekday 275-
    weekend 350-

    You think this year's been pretty good, right?  People feed you all the time, you've got a pretty rockin' crib...  Now it's the week of your first birthday, solid food is pretty cool, and you can crawl.  While that development alarms your tired parents, who've been baby-proofing everything non-stop, there's one last thing about the world that you should know.  It's something magical that everyone's been saving for today - a secret all the grown-ups knew would blow your mind.  I'm talking of course about cake.


    We'll take some photos of you ambling around, to show how mobile you've become, and just when you think today can't get any better, we'll sit you down with a birthday cake and let you stuff your face.  Now, let's be fair, you're gonna get more in your hair and on the ground than in your mouth, but that's ok.  These once-a-lifetime photos will be worth cleaning you up when you're all done discovering how sweet life can be. 

    Baby VS Cake can be ordered separately, or with a Year 1 Album free as a part of our "Baby's First Everything" subscription.

  • Kid Vision

    weekday 325-
    weekend 400-

    Nobody's quite sure where the time's gone, but you're old enough to rattle off the names of Pokemon - to read, to dream, to let imagination take over your world.  And what I'm here for is to bring all that to life.

    We'll pick a theme.  You, me, your parents, and we'll plan the whole thing out.  The only thing you have to do, yourself, is play, and all the stuff that you imagine, from being able to fly, to casting spells, to all your favorite superpowers, come to life in photoshop.

    This is my favorite kind of shoot, bringing your pretend world to life.  There's nothing more central than that, to being a kid.  So come and pitch me your idea, or let your folks tell me about the stuff you're into, and we'll craft a photoshoot that's fun and easy for you, and makes EPIC results.  Bring your halloween costume, your favorite lightsaber or wand, nerf blasters, robot helmets anything you want.  We'll light it up.

    You'll come away with seven epic photoshop composites with full powers and FX to blow all of your friends away.  Speaking of friends, you can bring up to two with you, at no additional charge.  I bet you have a sibling who just might want in on this.

  • Too Cool for School

    billed yearly 275-
    or just the one time for 350-

    There's nothing with as little personality and charm as a school picture.  80 million other kids lined up behind you, all the pressure to perform.  You don't know how the mustard got there, but what matters is that now it's on your shirt.  Last year, no one cared that you blinked, except your mom, and she was mad.  Clearly there's got to be a better way to get a decent photo every year.  Something that lets you be a kid and show some life.

    You might've guessed I have an answer.

    A "Too Cool for School" annual photoshoot subscription goes beyond just getting you a photo worthy of your status as your parents favorite kid.  (Don't tell.  I won't.)  It also comes with more shots than you'd get in school - a heckin' lot more - and the retouching is Free.  This one bills annually, and you can use the photo credit any time you want, throughout the year.  Picture day is now whatever season you want it to be.  Outdoors or in the studio, your place our ours, and you can even add a sibling in for super cheap.  There's no charge for a change of clothes.  Bring in your hamster and a cape.  It'll be dope.

  • State Champs

    weekday game 225-
    add a studio composite +200-

    So you've gotten pretty good at Sports-ing, and your parents are legitimately proud.  Or they just think it's cute watching you run around in your tiny uniform.  Whether your team has gone all-state, or your in-town little league team is in a slump and hasn't won a game all year, this is a moment in your life - your first real skill, and something that your parents brag about. I spent 12 years playing youth soccer, and I never scored a goal.

    In the years since then, though, I've gotten pretty good at something ELSE - making what OTHER people do on that field look epic.  With a decade of sports capture imaging under my belt, what I can do for you is guarantee that if you play your heart out, I can make that effort count, with a whole gallery of shots that, win or lose, make you stand out.  I'll come out to a game and follow your plays like an ESPN shooter.

    You can add on a studio session on the greenscreen in your gear too if you want.  Results are epic, and well worth the hour it takes.  I always joke that the biggest difference between school athletes and the stars that they look up to is mostly lighting and a dedicated photographer.  The truth is, that it's not really too far from the truth.  Keep practicing, but in the meantime, look like you're already there.

How to Prepare for Your Photoshoot

No Matter What:

We don't tell kids to smile right.

We don't tell kids to perform for the camera.

We don't tell kids today is any different from any other day.

These things freak kids out and guarantee you won't get your natural smiley wack-o creative silly kid, on camera that day.

It's counter-intuitive because you know exactly what you want your kid to do, how you want them to perform, and today -is- different and special. You're probably feeling a little bit of pressure to make sure that it goes right.

What I'm here to tell you is, the way to make all of that happen is to leave it all to us.  Like most things in life, they only go right when they happen naturally,  and if my team and I are good at anything, it's making what you're looking for happens all on its own, by creating the right conditions to bring your kids out of their shells.

You bring them, clean and happy and well-rested, we'll take care of the rest.

Give me some paw,

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