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Full Service Weddings

Saying that your Wedding is the most important day of your life treats everything that comes after as less great, by default.  It's not.  I'm a married man, myself, and I'm here to tell you that from here, it just gets better.  What your Wedding day is, is a day when everyone you love is in one place, looking their best, in great surroundings, having a great time together.  The day that your adventure starts is also filled with the kinds of things that only happen once.

So who you choose to document the day, needs not just the right gear and expertise, but the right mindset, to chase down the touchstone images you'll use to remember how it felt, not just to be young and in love, but to see great grandma take your nephew to the dance floor, the time your dad actually happy-cried and didn't hide it, and the way your favorite person in the world looked, when you promised them forever.

Also, that kiss.

We'll treat it like we wish our wedding photographers had treated ours, paying homage to the details, helping everyone get comfortable on camera, and photographing how it felt to be there, not just how it looked.  Choose us.  We care.

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Every love story starts somewhere.  For the two of you, it's been there for a while. But you and the camera might be seeing each other for the first time since some awkwardness back in school.  You're also needing photos for announcements, Save-the-Dates, the wedding website, instagram, your adoring public...

Enter, the Engagement Shoot.  Joking aside, these are a great way to build your confidence on-camera before your wedding day, so what we capture there is real emotion, without camera-jitters getting in the way.  They're also a great way to take an inexpensive test drive before you book with a photographer, and can even be combined with an in-person booking consultation if you have questions you'd like to ask in-person face-to-face.

You'll come away with a whole gallery of images that showcase your connection and what makes you two uniquely great together.


Adventures in Family Photography

The core of what I do is helping people celebrate the things that matter most.  Now it's not universal, but for a whole lot of people, that means family - the milestones, the triumphs, the smallest unit of the tribe.


Family photography is about being there at every stage, to make sure no chapter of your family history gets left out of the story.  Plus, it's all done with your own unique style at its heart.

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Miniature Humans

One second you're picking out their onesie and the next, they're asking for the keys to your car.  Life moves quick when you have kids.  Almost as quick as they do.  From their first birthday cake to their first lightsaber fight; from picking out a Christmas tree, to faeries in the park, and every goofy fleeting phase of growing up.  You never get those ages back, but you can make sure that you won't ever forget.  I've got your back.

Senior Portraits

Pet Portraits

They share our lives, with cold noses and warm hearts.
We give them our best, for as long as we're lucky enough to have them.

Portraiture is about giving permanence to impermanent slices of our lives.

Simple as that.

You don't have to be a "Crazy Pet Person" to want

their personalities, their energy, their quirks,

and their chapter in your life, immortalized..

I know it's important to me.

Whether you need adorable images to help find a litter of puppies good homes,

or you want to celebrate an adoption day, pay tribute to your favorite furry friend,

or know your hedgehog could become the next massive Instagram star,

We can help.


Senior Portraits

AKA the Best Profile Picture You May Ever Have (tm) A senior portrait marks a shift in our photographic lives.  Professional photos go from being someone else's idea of you, to you, showing the world who you can be.  My own senior portraits were a turning point in my whole way of looking at myself, and there is -nothing- like the moment when you show someone their image on a screen and they say,

"Oh my god, that's me?!"


Senior Portraits are also the first time most people ever see Hollywood production value shots, starring themselves.  Sometimes, the only time. There's some value in the life lesson that the difference between yourself and the people who you only see on-screen, is just some lights and good directions.

Do these right, and it changes lives.


Networking Headshots

There was a time when a good headshot only mattered if you were chasing a job in modeling, acting, or real estate.  More and more, in a way more connected age, the way we all present ourselves online tells future business partners, hiring managers, clients, and potential employers who we are and how we fit into the world.

Will they swipe left or right?

Having a custom, professionally crafted headshot making your first-impressions for you is about more than opening doors.  It's the digital equivalent of dressing well, and I can make it easy and accessible, without breaking your bank.

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Your Heart's Desire

Let's be really honest.  You're here for the light sabers and the magic.

It's ok.  I get it. The nerd is strong with this one, too.


The thing is, making our imaginations visible and shareable is what animates me.

There are photoshoots that don't fall in one specific category.

Pitch it to me anyway.


We'll work up a custom quote and get down to the important business of making your dreams (look like) a reality!

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Head over to the contact page and tell us what you're looking for.
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