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"We loved every minute of working with Matt"

Matt is an extraordinarily gifted photographer! He has an innate ability to read his clients and the result is a unique and personal set of photos that are truly tailored to exactly what you're looking for. His turnaround time is unbelievable-- our wedding photos were online within a matter of days! He was also so much fun to work with--he really put us at ease and we didn't feel posed at all. We loved every minute of working with matt, and we can't wait to work with him again for our future pregnancy photoshoot! Rachael H. via Photographer Central

"..We can now understand why he came so highly recommended and warmly regarded."

M. G. Norris Photography was recommended to my husband and I by word of mouth. The couple who recommended Matt to us not only had their wedding photos done but also pictures of their daughter when she was born. Having worked with Matt on our wedding, we can now understand why he came so highly recommended and warmly regarded. His work doesn't simply capture moments throughout the day. Matt truly attempts to capture the spirit of the moment in every shot and he's not satisfied until he gets it right. Additionally, several of our wedding guests commented on how patient and efficient he was in taking group photos. We had nine children under the age of ten at our wedding. He engaged very well with the kids. He showed no signs of stress by having to work with fidgeting and fussiness. He was also incredibly flexible. Our wedding party was delayed to the reception, which cut short photos. He stayed calm and made excellent recommendations on how to fit them in later during the day. Mr and Mrs Glatte via The Knot

"From the first phone call I knew that this was the right choice."

Over the last two years or so I have worked with Matt on two large photo sessions and Matt also provided my husband and I with a picture that is beyond words beautiful. But let me start from the beginning. My husband and I picked Matt to do both our engagement photos and our wedding photography. From the first phone call I knew that this was the right choice. Matt took his time to understand what we wanted as a couple for all of our pictures. Our wedding was right before we moved across the country, so not only was it a time to celebrate a new marriage with our family, it was also “goodbye” in so many ways. All of the pictures captured from that day are beautiful and everyone smiling. The extra picture Matt made for us was one very close to my heart. I had a series of very old pictures of our Grandparents that have passed away (think high school portraits), and on last minute notice (long story), Matt was able to take the digital images of these photos and take what I wanted in my head and transform it into something far beyond anything I had created in my mind. And for what everyone always wants to know, Matt is incredibly affordable and able to create packages to fit anyone’s budget depending on what you are looking for. He is always looking for new and creative ways to make those packages and make it work for the person or couple. Hannah W. via Facebook Reviews

"I can't say enough good things about his work."

Matt is a master artist of his craft. His creativity is limitless, and his ability to make less than ideal conditions look amazing is profound. He has a gift for capturing the emotion of a scene.
I have been a proud customer for over three years and plan to continue using him as long as he's in the business. We recommended him for a wedding, which he ended up shooting, and it was amazing. I can't say enough good things about his work.
I would also be remiss if I did not address his work ethic; which is outstanding. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave. He also has driven tremendous distances for me on occasions when we did not shoot at his studio.
Matt's turn around time on shoots is very quick, and he makes it simple to acquire your photos in your chosen format. His photo editing skills are top notch.
Matt is phenomenal, and you won't be sorry if you hire him.
Tara H. via Photographer Central

"..Each photo captures the range of feelings we, the wedding party and all the guests, had moment to moment."

This is going to be a long and detailed review so I'll save you some time, hire Matt Norris and his team to photograph your wedding. We knew we were going to hire Matt even before my partner and I got engaged. Matt shot my sister-in-law's wedding and his photos were amazing and the process in which he and his team shot added joy and comradery to the day. It was a no-brainer. For our wedding, Matt, Christine, and Janel were there all day. My bridesmaids, moms and I got ready at my parent's house. Matt got amazing shots of the impromptu dances all morning, he got the process of my hair and makeup artists in action. His assistants (along with my mom) grabbed old photos off the walls of weddings, and baby portraits. We even got a few amazing group shots of the bridal party even before the formal pictures took place. It didn't matter is the moment was a joke that erupted with laughter from the bridesmaids or a quiet moment of my mom looking at the baby photo of me next to what was her wedding dress all of it captured. We were married at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall a building almost as old as photography itself. It's beautiful and ornate. It's hard to capture all of it at once...and yet... Matt and his team captured the organ with the intricate woodworking beautifully. The first-look and ceremony photos are magical. And each photo captures the range of feelings we, the wedding party and all the guests, had moment to moment. At the reception, they captured all the details from the centerpieces to the groom's reaction to a surprise gift from me and all the dancing and partying that followed. Matt and his team are great wedding photographers. You'll get all the classic wedding shots one thinks of when dreaming of their wedding album, but Matt does so much more. Matt and his team are artists. They know how to capture a feeling and not just a photo. Our gallery tells a story–our story. We have works of art that are also wedding photos, we have anecdotes that are also wedding photos we have a chronicle of all the moments big and small that are also wedding photos. I reiterate, hire Matt Norris to photograph your wedding. Sarah C. via the Knot Reviews

Matt has an amazing eye.

He has fun as he makes you look amazing through his lense. I honestly have never had such great photos taken of me until Matt got his camera on me. Thank you for making it such a great, fun experience.

Mark Gar

via Facebook Reviews

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Matt is fantastic in every way!

He got everything we were looking for, was a blast to work with, and is outstanding at capturing the flavor/vibe of each person he works with and making the photos reflect them (same for the vibe of the wedding).

He's the best there is! :)

the new Mrs and Mr Hager

via The Knot

"..Rest assured you are getting exceptional value from a true professional."

I'd be hard pressed to identify a more professional, social, and talented photographer than Matt. His work speaks for itself, so I need not prattle on about it, but his personality will bring any shoot for any event to life - of that you can be certain. Having worked with him most recently at a wedding he was prompt, well spoken, brought life and vibrant character to each moment of the day, and was the most self-driven/directed vendor I managed. Whether you are a bride, groom, random person wanting photos, planner, what have you, rest assured you are getting exceptional value from a true professional. Ioannis S. via Facebook Reviews

"These are, without a doubt, my favorite pictures of myself. Ever."

I have known Matt for years and years and never had an opportunity to do a photoshoot with him. Then it happened: a combination of perfect excuses, coupled with time off and BAM.
Matt did a dual shoot for me. He took pictures that would serve as the image for the jacket of my novel as well as a fantastic array of costumed Hogwarts style poses.
Not only did Matt scout the perfect place for each varying need, he was able to very easily go from capturing a more "serious" and professional image, to something completely fantasy. And every finished photo was a marvel to see.
These are, without a doubt, my favorite pictures of myself. Ever. Matt demonstrated to me exactly why a good, high-quality photographer is leaps and bounds above just "getting your picture taken." It's the little things. Like adjusting wardrobe and fixing a hair that's out of place, for the absolute perfect composition.
It's spending the diligence and time in post-production to deliver a quality of image that is far and away better than anything I ever hoped for.
I was impressed with it all. From start to finish. If ever I need another shoot, Matt will be the one I call.
Jennifer Aqualaney via Photographer Central

"I recommend him to everyone I know because he is the best."

Let me start by saying that you cannot go wrong with an M.G Norris photo shoot. Matt is professional, creative, and flexible and has a wide range of experience. I have worked with Matt on various shoots for over 6 years and I have never been disappointed in the results.
If you’re in the market for a portrait shoot, Matt has a particular talent for putting you at ease and shooting you in a way that your photos turn up all of the aspects you love about yourself and show none of the things you’re self-conscious of. He is fun to work with and his sense of humor brings a sense of joy and fun to being in front of a camera.
Matt captured so many special moments for my family: Wedding photos, family visits, newborn photos and; most recently, a very special birthday party where four generations of my family gathered together to celebrate a great-grandfather, grandfather and my one year old son. Matt drove 4 hours one way to attend this event for us and he worked tirelessly the entire time. In doing so he captured some truly special moments between members of my large family. The photos are even dearer because my son’s great-grandmother passed away only 4 months later, but because of Matt, we will always have these photos of my son with his great-grandparents to share with him as he grows up.

If you have an event coming up, and it is important to you to have a photographer who can truly capture those memories for you, Matt is the photographer you should work with. I recommend him to everyone I know because he is the best.
Catherine L. M. via Photographer Central

"​Matt has done two wonderful shoots for me."

​Matt has done two wonderful shoots for me. The first was a gift from a friend and we worked with three looks. Casual dress, roller derby uniform and gear, and 'character'. Each outfit came out with a unique feel and I was excited to display a select one from each on my wall in my new home. The second was a "Wedding Retake". My husband and I never had official wedding pictures done, and that was what I wanted for our anniversary. We did a location shoot and it was an amazing experience. We came away with a sense of amazement and my husband and I agreed that it was not only fun but made us feel closer (like our wedding day). Matt is easy to work with and his editing and shooting skills are by far some of the best I have ever seen. I would recommend Matt for any of your photography needs be it wedding, fun, party, or character/cosplay. Bethany T. via Photographer Central

"I can proudly recommend this amazing, kind, fun artist to anyone and say this is the sort of person you want behind the camera."

It’s hard to summarize how wonder Matt and his team are, but I’m going to try my best... I should be honest and also say that Matt is a family friend. I mean, that wasn’t why I hired him to photograph my wedding but it didn’t hurt. One of the main reasons is his utmost professionalism. My now husband and I had some significant concerns and questions going into the process. Matt was able to take our concerns seriously and answer our questions in a way which was courteous and honest. He took our priorities seriously but didn’t let us get too bogged down by them or any other details. Matt put me at ease at every step of the way. More than once was I talked down or out of stress because of his calm assurances. He and his team were a dream to work with, helping me feel relaxed and like they were letting me drive the day instead of the other way around. They came prepared to move quickly and to make art, both of which happened. I can’t believe the way things flowed from my getting ready to coverage of my ceremony, all the way to sunset at the reception and the last dance. We had amazing coverage of our whole day which led to over 2000 amazing images which I get to treasure forever. The number of moments which made me cry or helped me crystallize the memories of my wedding were almost innumerable. In fact, our willingness to leave the dance floor and go out at sunset gave us stunning images that capture so much about my spouse and our day together. We should also be frank and say we had two very large families and several small children to wrangle, all of whom were able to take his direction and enjoyed his manner. I got several positive remarks from guests and family members regarding the general amazing-ness of the team of people we had. The turn around for everything was lightning fast and everything came out beautifully, despite his protests about 2 images which I simply don’t understand. I can proudly recommend this amazing, kind, fun artist to anyone and say this is the sort of person you want behind the camera. I didn’t know how much I needed him as a part of that day until he showed up but he really made everything come together for us. Kate B. via the Knot Reviews

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