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Family Photo

Adventures in
Family Photography


family portraits, re-imagined

Our generation has a different way of doing everything.  There's nowhere this is more true than what we want from a photo studio.  So many of the great old portrait sellers are closing up their doors because they weren't built for the ways that modern families want to use images.

Welcome to the future.


Every aspect of this studio is built to get you what you really want.  We aren't here to sell you paper.  You can order that through us, or someone else, or not at all.  We sell our talent, and the memories themselves.  With every photoshoot, you get digital, full-resolution images, to post and share and save, delivered online, and backed up forever in your gallery.

We're doing all kinds of new things with family portraits, way outside the boxes built, both for and by, prior generations.  Whether you're here for that traditional family group shot, or a way to mark this moment in your family that's a little bit more 'you,' we've got a family portrait session type for every taste and level of adventure you could want.


Options range from big production photoshoots to simple afternoons spent in the park on a blustery fall day.

Come get inspired by the shoots we have on-offer, down below!

a photoshoot for every family's style

Choose Your Own Adventure

Blockbuster Family Portraits

HYBRID Packages from 1500

Is your family Epic?  Launching in 2018, we have a photoshoot line that pulls out all the stops like a summer blockbuster movie.  We'll work together to create a mythic version of your family, hinting at a great adventure story in a set of movie stills or comic-panels, filled with superpowers, team-up action shots, and larger-than-life heroic glory poses, culminating in your family's own composite movie poster in the style of Hollywood's biggest releases.

Hollywood stills of you and your family, cinematically staged and lit, complete with special effects on up to 20 images, and one blockbuster movie poster image.  Comes with image-montage video trailer and one large wall print of your poster shot, along with a gallery of all your "movie stills."

A Modern Alternative

- Narrative Family Portraits

Digital Packages from 960

Your family, in their element.  Plan an adventure with your tribe, and take our best photographer along, for candid portraits, snapped when nobody is trying to perform, that let your family's natural dynamics come to life.  Almost any kind of day trip does the trick, but outdoor outings work the best.  With just a couple of spontaneous posed shots, you'll get a gallery of images that would have been impossible to get without pulling yourself out of the story, and we'll even retouch several, on-the-house, upon request.

We'll build a story, shot-by-shot, with a mix of 'idealized-candids' and fly-on-the-wall photojournalism, to come away with an image series that really highlights what makes your family special.  Ideal for photobooks, and making unique family artifacts to freeze a brief phase of your history in time.  We'll help you plan an outing to make memories, and give you something beautiful to make them last forever.

Classic Family Portraits Session

Digital Packages from 800

A perfect mix of portraits of your whole growing tribe, complete with groups of different sizes, shots of everybody on their own, and all the pairings you can find the wall-space for.  These photos emphasize connection, and we specialize in helping everybody feel safe and at ease on camera.

Your session should take about 2 hours, but we set aside the whole afternoon so there's no time pressure if the smallest members of your merry band are feeling moody.  Even on this one, we don't play completely by-the-book, leveraging years of experience bringing kids out of their shells, and helping parents look and feel more photogenic than expected.  You'll be in knowledgable easygoing hands, and learn a pile of simple tricks to make your posture and your smile natural.  And by the time you're done, you'll have a gallery of shareable, printable, treasure-able family portraits, including bringing everyone's best smiles together in a single image, later-on.  It's great, living in the future, isn't it?

Family Mini-Shoot

Digital Packages from 500

Quick, Easy, Painless!!

A simplified contemporary-traditional family portrait shoot, that's aimed at making that one great shot of everyone together, and a couple smaller group shots of the kids.  Seasonally-themed mini-shoot days pop up regularly throughout the year, but you can also book one by request!  These are ideal for making annual holiday cards, and gifts.  Shoots each take less than an hour, and it's really hard to argue with the price.  You'll get a gallery of up to 16 final images to choose from, with free downloads and a chance to order prints!

Couldn't be simpler.  You can even host a mini-shoot event, and get your photo session free, if you enlist at least four other families who haven't worked with me before, to get in on the fun on the same day!  It doesn't take a lot of time to capture something timeless.

The Family Prequel

Digital Packages from 400

Maternity sessions are the Origin Stories for the heroes that you raise.  Best scheduled for a month or so before the date you're due, they only take about an hour, but the moment in your life that they preserve is worth creating an enduring touchstone for.  Plus they're fun.


There are a hundred different ways to approach a Maternity shoot, and ours centers on the feeling of connection, by default.  We're open to all your ideas, and capable of executing any vision, but the way we shoot tends naturally to be grounded in the bonds between a mother and her child, and the couple that's welcoming them into the world. A good Maternity photoshoot has been described as an engagement shoot, between a happy couple and the baby they're expecting, and I find it hard to argue.  Let us help you write your prequel, in about a thousand words.

How to Get Ready for your Session

Try your very best not to frontload anyone, kids or adults, with performance expectations - ESPECIALLY - the pressure to 'smile right.'  Nothing in nature kills a natural smile faster than being told you need to make one on demand.  Leave all of that to me, and focus on creating a fun atmosphere around the preparations for the shoot.

Stress is contagious.  Let yours go.  I've got your back..

In terms of what to wear - classic styles in solid colors work best, especially outdoors. Dressing-to-compliment, rather than dressing to match, makes wardrobe easier to pick, unless you're buying all new outfits for the shoot.  Remember, black slims, if you're into that, and even better, doesn't pull attention from your face

like bright clothes do.

Other than that, just remember to stay hydrated and don't forget to snack before you arrive.  This trick's not just for kids.  We're all at our best when we keep our bodies happy.

Give me some paw,

and we can talk about photographing your pets -->

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