Our Studio Philosophy

We're an inclusive, body-positive, socially conscious studio that takes the mission of helping people define themselves for the world on their own terms, seriously.

The work we produce, and the experience of working with our team, is focused around making world-class images of the most important

people and moments in our clients life stories.

Every shoot is unique.

Every job is custom.

That's what we mean when we say Character-Driven portraiture.

What we do isn't about us, it's about you, and bringing the

highest possible production values to bear, on your behalf,

making it easy and accessible for even the

most camera-shy of our clients.

You deserve to be photographed.  You deserve to be seen.

Caring about you is who we are.





Easy - Going

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Matt Norris has been making Character-Driven studio and location portraits since 2006. His fashion and commercial work have appeared in publication in Spectrum, and Renaissance Magazine's bridal issue along with numerous websites and hardbound compilations, and his sports team and senior portrait photography have appeared in more than four dozen high school and college yearbooks, including those of Emerson, Harvard, and Dartmouth, and most importantly, on the walls of an estimated twenty-two thousand homes, during his tenure as a senior photographer for McGrath Studios through 2008.


Meet The Team

Brittany Viens

Photojournalist and Studio Baby Hypnotist

Socrates Gavriel

Dapper Vest,

Great Candid Shots


Christine Gauthier

Portraitist and

Details Specialist


Ray Shelly

Admin, Web Design, and Support Caster

"My guiding vision is to make the intangible Visible, whether that's bringing the imagination of a child to life through special effects, or capturing the fleeting emotions that pass between a grandmother and granddaughter on her wedding day - the task is to create images of how a thing feels, of what it Means, rather than just recording how it looked on a given day."

~ M.G.Norris