For a lot of us, our pets are more than animals we feed.

They're basically our children.  Let's treat them like the

members of the family they are.

From to fetch-photos, to cat-naps, to the way they look at us when we have cheese,

we're here to help you make and keep the memories we want to hold.

There's so much of our relationship with the creatures we invite into our lives

that gets lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day struggle to keep them from

running off with our socks and eating too much trash.

The stuff that doesn't make the cut for Instagram.

But for the stuff that does,

the stuff that should,

We're here.


Paw Prints (and digitals)

  • Custom Photoshoots

    Weekday $350

    Weekend $425

    Built around your pet.


    And we make house calls!

    For the canine-inclined, we plan out a time to come visit your yard, or the dog park nearest you, and spend a couple hours chasing balls around and lazing in the late afternoon sun.  Well, they'll be lazing.  WE'LL be guiding the activity, to set up photo ops that don't require your dog to be anyone but who they really are, to create shots worthy of putting on your wall.

    Shoots are a little bit more freeform, for the other kinds of pets, and we shoot differently depending on the character and species of the model-of-the-day.

    All sessions come with online galleries, free downloads, and the chance to score some prints, either online or in a sit-down review session at home.

    If you're short on treats, no problem.  We partner with The Paw Street Barkery to keep a steady supply of organic treats made in small batches from human-grade-ingredients, and if your furbaby is good, we might 'accidentally' leave the bag.

Serving Greater New England's Best and Brightest

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