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This is where I'm supposed to talk about how big, momentous, and important your wedding is, as a milestone in your life.

But I won't waste your time with that.

You wouldn't be here if you were just kinda 'meh' about what you had embarked on, getting hitched.

What I -can- tell you, what I -need- to get across, is how important your wedding is, to me.

I know, it's all about me, right?

But it's important.  This is one of those vocations that a lot of people enter for spare cash, or so they get to feel like "Pro's."

They talk about how stressful weddings are, how hard it is to deal with awful brides...

...and then they wonder why I'm staring back, confused.

I do this for a living so that I can afford to do this all the time.

I do this for a living to make no-compromises, high-end, emotional, character-driven wedding photography - 

photography that's about the people in it, and about who and what they love,

available to people who don't necessarily live on Newport Beach.

I do this because I care about you getting the wedding photos you deserve.

I could go on.  I sometimes do.

I think you get where I'm coming from though.

What you'll get from me, and from my team, is our best attempt to capture the best version of your day.

Not just how your dress looked, but how the moments feel.

This is the last time you and some of your guests get to share a room, a meal, a hug.

This is the first time you'll be introduced in public with new names.

There is a photo on the table in my parents living room, with pictures from my great grandparents wedding.


It's the only way I know them.

We make that.  Not just one picture though.  This isn't 1910.

We aim to build a gallery that tells the complete story, from beginning til the end -

one that's downloadable and shareable and printable so guests don't need to stare into their phones.

Downloads are free for all your guests, and anyone who can't attend.

What we're making is for you, but also generations further down the line.

They're going to know you, know your family and friends, and know the way your wedding felt.​

We aren't just checking the boxes off a shot-list and checking out after the toasts.

What's going to matter to your family in 20-30 years, matters to me.

Ok, enough with all the feelings.  C'mon let's take a look at all the coverage options you can choose!

The Beginning of the rest of your lives together

Happily Ever After

included for 3,000-

The Essentials

Full coverage of your Ceremony and Reception, including toasts, traditions, photojournalistic candids, family and group formal photos, and a signature love-story photoshoot of the two of you during the cocktail hour.
We don't do time limits.
We don't charge by the hour.
We're there until the story's done, so timelines come with zero stress.
Like I mentioned up above, downloads are free,
and galleries appear two weeks or less after the shoot.

Pre-Ceremony Coverage


Bridesmaids zipping you into your dress, a First-Look, Your father-in-law's tearful words of encouragement while members of the wedding party help the ring-bearer into his tiny tie. Portraits in the bridal suite, and that famous hanging-dress shot. If that's what you're after, this is the coverage for you!

Additional Locations?  Not a Problem!  Just $100/each!

Photobooth LIVE!


We'll bring the backdrop, the lights, and - oh, and a real live pro shooter to keep it wild!

Up to two hundred 4x6-sized photos printed LIVE on-site, can either give your guests a signature memento of the night, or become part of your guestbook alongside everyone's well-wishes, so they always look as good as they did on your wedding day. (Provided your venue has the space for it, this is always a fun and talked-about add-on, not to be missed.)



I have a stable of trusted partners, all professional photojournalists and portraitists, who fill their un-booked days coming to work alongside me for a day.  More eyes, more angles.  It's like adding another wedding photographer for a fraction of the price! 

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