Networking Headshots


The first impression used to be a handshake.

Now it's a quick trip over to your social media account after your resumé arrives in the hiring manager's inbox.

I can't speak directly to what your current profile picture tells them about you.  What I can say is that how we present ourselves online is relevant to how seriously people take us, especially in hiring decisions.


What I can also say is I can offer you a headshot that communicates your character, your strengths, and that de-epmhasizes everything you're less confident in.

Together, we can make compelling character-driven images of you - yeah you - that get a second look.

Make A Solid



  • Modern Studio


    Strong neutral backdrops and impeccable custom lighting are the hallmarks of the Modern Studio series.  Choose this look when you want to say you're modern, driven, have your act together, and you're ready to go out and get things done.

  • Social Icon


    Geared toward individuals who need to manage their image as a social public figure.  From independent Journalists to front-facing PR professionals, Authors, Photographers, and Cosplayers, and Youtube Stars, the Social Icon is a custom photo line designed around creating images that forcefully convey identity and value-build while solidly establishing a sense of connection with the viewer.  This line is about connecting with your fans and getting intentional about what your image says.

  • The Traditional


    There will be times when what you need really is as simple as a straightforward representative portrait.  Don't let all the lightsabers and lensflares throw you.  We're happy to play the classics, on-demand.  The Traditional is about creating that familiar headshot look we all grew up with, tweaked to push production-values through the roof and make you look your best, without drawing attention to the artifice and craft.  This line is popular with realtors and church directories, but also school board members, candidates for office, and above-all anyone who doesn't love being the center of attention, but still needs to have a good headshot for work.

  • The Scene


    When the word you want associated with your portrait is "Captivating" pick The Scene as your look.  We'll chose a location, whether it's downtown street at twilight, or a sunny park at noon, take full control of the lightscape with or own studio lights and overpower the sun to build you perfect portrait light with a wash of subtle color and light cues to your environs.  This one is about grounding you visually in a sense of place, without overwhelming you with the details.  The results are otherworldly, subtle, character-driven, and above all, captivating.

  • The Trade


    For movers and shakers, makers and do-ers, The Trade look is the Art&Artist meme, all grown-up.  Trade photoshoots put you in the context of your function in the world and highlight both what you're about and what you contribute.  These are highly personal, ranging for portraits in your workshop, or the fencing club you run.  You'll want The Trade when what you want to say is "This is what I do.  Let me help you."

How to Get Ready for your Photoshoot

The first and best advice is to "dress for the job you want."

Letting me know in advance what kind of job that is, helps customize your shoot.

This is also a great day to repair your relationship with the ironing board.  Clean, well-pressed clothes, that fit you well, can make a huge impact on your overall presentation.

Consider a visiting a professional stylist right before your photoshoot, but avoid new haircuts in the week before your session.

Most of this, I know, goes without saying, but this is not a day to go with "how I am."  Your photoshoot is all about making impressions.  Stick that "best foot" right out front, and shine up like it's a first date or job interview.  It really helps, not only in the final image, but the confidence you carry yourself with when you look great and know it.

And that's all.  The rest is me.  The moment you come through my studio door, Nothing is your Job and nothing is your Fault.  Try not to worry, going in, about performing right, or knowing "how to smile."  You're in good hands.  Just let that go.  You'll only look 'natural' and 'real' on camera if you're Actually Being Natural in real life.  So don't stress out.  I've got your back.

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