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Networking Headshots


The first impression used to be a handshake.

Now it's a quick trip over to your social media account after your resumé arrives in the hiring manager's inbox.

I can't speak directly to what your current profile picture tells them about you.  What I can say is that how we present ourselves online is relevant to how seriously people take us, especially in hiring decisions.


What I can also say is I can offer you a headshot that communicates your character, your strengths, and that de-epmhasizes everything you're less confident in.

Together, we can make compelling character-driven images of you - yeah you - that get a second look.

Make A Solid



Enterprise Solutions

Are you in charge of setting up a headshot day for your organization?

We've got scalable turnkey solutions for in-house headshot days and headshot stations

for events and conferences, to make your life easier.

How to Get Ready for your Photoshoot

The first and best advice is to "dress for the job you want."

Letting me know in advance what kind of job that is, helps customize your shoot.

This is also a great day to repair your relationship with the ironing board.  Clean, well-pressed clothes, that fit you well, can make a huge impact on your overall presentation.

Consider a visiting a professional stylist right before your photoshoot, but avoid new haircuts in the week before your session.

Most of this, I know, goes without saying, but this is not a day to go with "how I am."  Your photoshoot is all about making impressions.  Stick that "best foot" right out front, and shine up like it's a first date or job interview.  It really helps, not only in the final image, but the confidence you carry yourself with when you look great and know it.

And that's all.  The rest is me.  The moment you come through my studio door, Nothing is your Job and nothing is your Fault.  Try not to worry, going in, about performing right, or knowing "how to smile."  You're in good hands.  Just let that go.  You'll only look 'natural' and 'real' on camera if you're Actually Being Natural in real life.  So don't stress out.  I've got your back.

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